Protecting the Hedgehogs

The hedgehog population is declining due to challenges in their habitat. A hedgehog population census is held to enhance our understanding.
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Regrettably, the hedgehog population is experiencing a decline due to challenges in their habitat. To address this, Denmark is observing an initiative today where we are conducting a hedgehog population census to enhance our understanding of these creatures.

Our office manager, Kirsten Pallesen, who holds diverse competencies, serves not only as a coordinator for course enrollments, travel reimbursements, and payment notices but also as a foster parent to a small cluster of hedgehogs.

Today, she had the privilege of being featured on the TV2 News, discussing her role as a caretaker for this charming group of animals. The segment is scheduled to air today, August 12th, during the 7:00 PM news on TV 2 Danmark.


Hedgehog drinking in garden

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