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Agile Mishap #5: The Certification Circus –  Reflecting on the Agile Accreditation Landscape

In this blog post, I delve into the complexities and challenges of the Agile certification market, reflecting on my own experiences as both a Certified Scrum Trainer and a critic. From the democratisation of skill validation in societies where education is a luxury, to the pitfalls of commoditisation and “home made” certifications, I explore how what started as a well-intentioned system has often strayed from its roots. Despite these issues, I argue that when issued by credible organisations, certifications still hold significant value as markers of genuine skill and knowledge. Join me in unpacking the “Certification Circus” and discovering the true worth of Agile certifications.

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The Unseen Potential of Scrum Masters: Future Leaders in a Time of Uncertainty

This blog post explores why managers might be resisting the Scrum Master role, despite its alignment with the qualities needed for future leadership. Scrum Masters are not just facilitators of agile practices; they embody relational intelligence, contextual thinking, self-awareness, and creative agility. However, many fall into the trap of rigidly following the Scrum framework, missing the chance to become true change agents. Discover why retaining Scrum Masters could be crucial for driving innovation, enhancing collaboration, and promoting resilience in these challenging times.

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Mount Stupid - the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Agile Mishap #4: Incompetent Coaches and Trainers

Explore how the prevalence of incompetent coaches and trainers hampers Agile adoption, uncovering the reasons behind this pervasive issue. We shed light on the challenges organisations face in navigating the complexities of Agile transformation. From the commodification of Agile to the misinterpretation of confidence as competence.

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Overly use of the word Agile

What went wrong with Agile?

People claim that Agile is dead. It is not but there sure has been made many mistakes implementing Agile. This is the first of a series of blog posts about Agile mishaps.

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