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In the energy sector, the shift towards more nimble and adaptive methodologies faces hurdles deeply embedded in the industry’s traditional structure. One major obstacle stems from the nature of large-scale

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Financial Institutions

The impact of generative AI, industry convergence, embedded finance, open data, digitisation of money, decarbonisation, digital identity, and fraud continues to swell. To stay competitive, Financial Services need to pick

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The healthcare industry is undergoing significant transformations driven by technological advancements and changing patient needs. Organizations must innovate and adapt to remain competitive. Better Change provides the strategic guidance and

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Insurance companies today face numerous challenges, from embracing new technologies to meeting ever-changing customer demands, necessitating a strategic approach to remain relevant and successful. The industry is undergoing profound transformations

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Running an effective retrospective is crucial for continuous improvement in Agile teams. If you’ve ever felt that your team’s retrospectives are lacking direction or failing to produce actionable insights, you’re…

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