About Better Change

We know what works – because we have been there ourselves

When we work with companies we are not just showing the way. All of us at Better Change have both practical and theoretical experience with Agile approaches. We know the importance of working closely together with our clients and not leave them before they are ready to fly.


Better Change benefits of years of experiences in making organisations innovative and competitive. Our founders were among the firsts who on an enterprise level implemented agile approaches in Denmark, among the firsts in Europe who took Agile coaching to a professional level and among the firsts in the world who took agile approaches beyond software development.


We know what works - because we understand the theories behind it

Better Change is a company of highly competent specialists within Agile, coaching and change management.

We call ourselves Fellows. To be a Better Change Fellow you have to have extensive both practical and theoretical experience with Agile approaches and methods.

All of us have been there ourselves and we know what to do when the real world doesn’t follow the manual.

Providing Agile coaching is a diverse market with many players. It ranges from self-employed coaches with a few years of experience to the Big Five consulting firms who have seen a market opportunity in addition to their traditional areas.

With the birth of Better Change, the founders wanted to establish an Agile consultancy company with roots in Denmark and Danish culture, but also with a strong international outlook. Succeeding in a global world you must be able to bridge different cultures through mutual understandings, with a perspective of the greater benefit combined with the ability to act locally. This is what we can and this is what we do.