Best Scrum Tools to use in 2024

In this blog post, we will explore the top five scrum tools that can help you achieve your goals.

At Better Change we understand the importance of utilising effective tools to enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and streamline project management. In this blog post, we will explore the top five scrum tools that can help you achieve these goals. Whether you’re a seasoned Scrum Master or just starting your agile journey, these tools will provide you with the necessary support to optimise your workflow.

Miro: Collaborative Online Whiteboard

Miro is a highly acclaimed collaborative online whiteboard that facilitates visual thinking and fosters teamwork. With its versatile features, Miro enables teams to brainstorm, organise, and plan their projects effectively. Its infinite canvas allows for the creation of virtual boards where team members can add sticky notes, diagrams, and charts to visualise user stories, sprint backlogs and more. The real-time collaboration feature makes it an invaluable tool for distributed teams. With its free plan, Miro is an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective scrum tool. Try Miro here: Miro

 Sticky Notes: Simple and Effective Collaboration

Sticky notes have long been used in agile practices for their simplicity and effectiveness in promoting collaboration. While physical sticky notes remain relevant in co-located teams, their digital counterparts offer accessibility and remote collaboration benefits. Online sticky note tools provide the same level of interactivity and flexibility, allowing teams to capture updates, organise tasks, and track progress seamlessly. With various free options available, sticky note tools are a budget-friendly choice for agile teams. We would recommend Miro or Lucidspark. Try the mere: Miro and Lucidspark

Jira Software: Robust Agile Project Management

Jira Software, developed by Atlassian, is a powerful and widely-used project management tool designed specifically for agile teams. It supports various agile frameworks, including Scrum and Kanban, and provides customizable boards, backlogs, and workflows to adapt to your specific project needs. Jira Software also integrates with other popular tools, offering enhanced collaboration and reporting capabilities. With its free plan, Jira Software is an excellent option for teams seeking a robust and comprehensive scrum tool without breaking the bank. Try Jira Software here: Jira Software

Trello: Simplified Agile Task Management

Trello is a user-friendly and intuitive project management tool that simplifies agile task management. Its board-based interface allows teams to track tasks and collaborate effortlessly. With features like checklists, due dates, and file attachments, Trello empowers teams to stay organised and focused on delivering value. Its simplicity and visual appeal make it an ideal choice for agile beginners and teams seeking a straightforward task management solution. Trello offers a free plan, making it an accessible scrum tool for teams on a budget. Try Trello here: Trello Versatile Work Operating System, often referred to as a “work operating system,” is a highly customizable tool that supports agile project management. It offers a user-friendly interface and an extensive range of features suitable for various industries and team sizes. allows you to create custom workflows, track progress, and manage resources efficiently. With its visual dashboards and automation capabilities, teams can gain real-time insights, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions. While has paid plans, it also offers a free version that provides essential features for agile teams. Try here:


In today’s fast-paced business environment, selecting the right scrum tools is crucial to enhancing collaboration, streamlining processes, and maximising the effectiveness of agile methodologies. Miro, Sticky Notes, Jira Software, Trello, and stand out as some of the best scrum tools for 2023. These tools cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, empowering teams to achieve their project goals efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re looking for a free scrum tool or a budget-friendly option, these tools offer robust features to support your agile workflow.


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