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Managing the flow of work is essential to timely delivery with the minimal investment

In our Kanban Management Professional training courses, you will be invited to take a deep dive into the Kanban method. We will address all the foundational principles, and you will learn how to put them into practice in your daily work. We will do simulations and exercises to give you hands-on experiences so you can do it yourself afterwards.

The training is comprised of two separate courses. The first is the Kanban System Design, which results in the Kanban Management Professional 1 (KMP 1) certification. The second, more advanced course, is the Kanban Systems Improvement training (KMP 2). This is the KMP 2 class, and on completion, the full Kanban Management Professional certification will be awarded.



Kanban System Design (KMP 1)

It’s not just about sitting and listening; we’re talking about a full-on, hands-on experience over two exhilarating days. You’ll dive deep into the nitty-gritty of the Kanban method, getting familiar with its background, principles, and practices. You will also experience a kanban simulation, and build your own Kanban systems – health warning, this may change your life!

For more information visit our Kanban System Design (KMP 1) page.



Kanban System Improvement (KMP 2)

Kanban system example

You’ll learn to manage and optimize those systems using metrics and the power of evolutionary change. Get ready, because this advanced training is not for the squeamish!!

Be prepared to banish delays, variability, and bottlenecks from your Kanban systems. We’ll teach you how to spot lower maturity systems and then unleash excellent techniques to improve and mature them further.

For more information visit our Kanban System Improvement (KMP 2) page.



Enterprise Scale Kanban (ESK)

This course teaches how to create executive dashboard reporting for multiple business units allowing you to roll up results from a workforce of up to tens of thousands of people. Take service-oriented thinking from the Kanban Method and KMP training to the next level by learning the practices needed for effective dependency management. An Enterprise Kanban Management Professional (EKMP) understands what is necessary to take an organization to maturity level 4 and to implement a network of interconnected dependent Kanban systems that might support an entire business unit of 300 to 1200 people.

For more information visit our Enterprise Scale Kanban (ESK) page.



A different type of training

These training courses are delivered using techniques from Accelerated Learning and Training for the Back of the Room, which maximises the retention of the participants. This training is not a lecture format, where a teacher talks and participants listen, it is a fully immersive and interactive 2-day learning experience.

Scheduled trainings

All Kanban Training

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