Flight Level 2 Design (FL2D)​

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock the true potential of collaboration within your organisation. Learn to design Flight Levels 2 Systems specific to your context, breaking down silos and bottlenecks without the need for costly reorganisation.

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Design Flight Level 2 Systems and move towards true business agility

In this hands-on workshop, we delve into the practical application of Flight Level 2 systems and their implementation within the specific Product and Service Areas of your organisation. You will design customised Flight Level 2 systems tailored to your organisational context, identifying areas for initial focus without the need for costly reorganisation.

You will address silos and bottlenecks head-on, plus learn to foster seamless collaboration across teams and departments.

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What you get from the Flight Level 2 Design (FL2D) training course

The main impediment to flow is a lack of interaction between your teams, not the agility of individual teams. This course helps you uncover the big levers for improvement, and explores how you can practically apply them to your unique situation. We will focus coordinating the flow of value across multiple teams, departments or business units.

Visualise your Situation – What hinders and enables flow across your teams?

Create Focus – Figure out what to focus on first, and how to plan for the future.

Establish agile Interactions – Connect the right people to the right topics, at the right time.

Operate and Improve Collaboratively – Apply what you learn and use it to improve continuously.

Measure Progress – Decide and Define how you will measure improvement.

Meet the trainers

Russell Hill

Flight Levels Coach

Russell Hill

Flight Levels Coach


Frequently asked questions

It does this by focusing on enhancing collaboration and communication between teams. It provides practical techniques to overcome existing silos and understand how work flows throughout the organisation, enabling participants to tackle issues related to dependencies, new requests, and planning cycles more effectively.

Participants in the workshop will learn to design collaboration models that facilitate better communication and interaction among team members. For example, they may explore approaches to connect and enable the right people to have meaningful conversations at the appropriate times, ensuring that work progresses smoothly and efficiently. By designing these models, teams can streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

The workshop discusses various metrics that are relevant for measuring progress in implementing Flight Level systems within an organisation. These metrics are tailored to the specific context of each organisation and may include indicators such as cycle time, lead time, throughput, and quality metrics. By identifying and measuring these indicators, teams can assess the effectiveness of their Flight Level implementations and make data-driven decisions to drive continuous improvement.

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In our Flight Levels course, you will learn what it takes to effectively manage flow.