Enterprise Scale Kanban (ESK)​

Learn the basic principles of scaling any business activity, with actionable guidance focused on effective practices that enable better quality, and improved organisational maturity.

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Successful Large-Scale Kanban Implementations

Many businesses strive for large-scale agility but find themselves facing failed attempts with various frameworks. Successful scale doesn’t come from installing a process framework! Instead, it comes from building trust, avoiding mistakes and costly rework, improving quality, delegation, empowerment, and managing risk.

What you get from the Enterprise Scale Kanban (ESK) training course

This course will teach you how to take your Kanban implementation from the team level up to a department or business unit level. Learn to view your enterprise as a network of interdependent services. Take service-oriented thinking from the Kanban Method and Kanban Management Professional training to the next level by learning the practices needed for effective dependency management.

Be able to move quickly, exhibit agility, exploit opportunities, and show resilience

Improve cooperation and collaboration rather than expensive and painful reorganisation and restructuring

Learn to manage your dependencies in a cost-effective manner with minimum impact on productivity

Achieve an end-to-end workflow that increases speed and predictability

Create highly predictable outcomes and superior economic results through proper risk management techniques

Produce objectives and metrics to drive system-wide optimal behaviour

Be able to scale Kanban beyond a department to a whole business unit of up to tens of thousands of people

Become an Enterprise Kanban Management Professional, an internationally recognised Kanban qualification.

Enterprise Scale Kanban

Meet the trainers

Russell Hill

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Russell Hill

Accredited Kanban Trainer


Frequently asked questions

If you have dietary requirements, please let us know by replying to the information email you will receive after sign-up. 


Yes. You will be certified as KMP 1 upon completion of this training, and we of course will provide you with a very nice workbook that gives you tools and insights a long time after the training has ended.

No. There is currently no exam required. Your active participation in the course is the only requirement.


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In our Kanban System Design (KMP 1) course you will learn what it takes to effectively manage flow.