Flight Level System Architecture (FLSA)

Establish enterprise flow with Flight Levels System Architecture.

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Self-Paced Workshop​

Build a Flight Level 3 system and learn how to operate it in this self-paced online course.

What we will cover:

Flight Levels Systems Architecture Introduction

  1. Introduction
  2. Flight Levels Systems Architecture Essentials
  3. Work Systems Topology
  4. Your Use Case

Building a Work Systems Topology

  1. Building a Work Systems Topology
  2. Identify potential Flight Level 2 Systems
  3. Map Teams to the Flight Level 2 Systems
  4. Remove unnecessary Flight Level 1 Systems from the WST
  5. Identify coordination efforts between Flight Level 2 Systems
  6. Identify Flight Level 3 Systems
  7. Work Systems Topology Designs & Conclusion

Flight Routes

  1. Flight Routes
  2. Flight Route Patterns

Agile Interactions

  1. Agile Interactions


  1. Flight Levels Change Design
  2. Discover & Prepare
  3. Design
  4. Operate & Improve
  5. Create Focus for Improvement on the System Level
  6. Multidimensional Change Flows
  7. Summary & Final Conclusions

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Course Preview

Check out this Flight Levels 3 Design introduction video for a flavour of what to expect.


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  • Dedicated Discussion Space:
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  • Certificate of Completion:
    Upon successfully finishing the course, we honour your achievement with a “Certificate of Completion” issued by the Flight Levels Academy.

Flight Levels System Architecture

Business agility at scale with Flight Levels System Architecture

Flight Levels Self-Paced Online Workshop

  • Deep dive into Flight Levels System Architecture: Experience what it means when an entire organization uses Flight Levels
  • Define your Flight Levels: Identify already existing Flight Levels in your organization and find a way to connect them to enable Enterprise Flow.
  • Define value delivery flow across the entire organization Learn how work flows from a strategic idea across all the Flight Level Systems to the customer.
  • Design effective collaboration models: Connect people to talk about the right things at the right time
  • Take-Off: Become the Architect of the Flight Levels Systems at your organization

Frequently asked questions

The article outlines the Flight Levels System Architecture (FLSA) as an alternative approach to fostering business agility at scale. It doesn’t explicitly compare FLSA to traditional Agile methodologies. However, the beauty of Flight Levels is the thinking model it provides which leads to true business agility in any organisation. Flight Levels is not a methodology nor a one-size-fits-all approach. It recognises that all organisations are unique and have their own challenges, and therefore need a unique approach to achieving business agility.

While the article mentions the benefits and goals of FLSA, such as improving value flow across the organisation and connecting agile islands, it lacks concrete examples or case studies of organisations that have successfully implemented FLSA. If you are interested in a case study, feel free to contact us and we will send one to you.

Implementing any new approach comes with its challenges. The article doesn’t address potential obstacles or barriers that organisations might encounter when implementing FLSA, nor does it provide guidance on overcoming them. However, in the FLSA training course, we explore the challenges of implementation, along with concrete actions and strategies to address them.

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