Flight levels is more than moving sticky notes on a whiteboard


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Flight Levels System Architecture (FLSA)

Flight Levels

Flight Levels is a thinking model that emphasises the importance of communication and interaction within your organisation. Getting the right people to talk about and do the right stuff at the right time. It provides a way to break down silos, improve transparency, and create a shared understanding of the organisation’s goals and priorities.


Flight Level 3 Design

Design Flight Level System for your strategy execution – Do you feel like your company strategy lives only in PowerPoint presentations? Find out how to align long-term company vision with daily operational work. Design a Flight Level 3 System to establish collaboration across the organisation to build products and services that bring the most value.

Learn how companies achieve real business agility by managing work beyond team boundaries and operationalising the business strategy.

Design Flight Level 3 Systems for your organisation. Find the missing links between company strategy and delivery teams.

A quick summary…

  • Discover Fight Level 3 Systems. Learn about various implementations of the Flight Levels 3 System and find out how to build one in your organisation
  • Map your strategy toward Flight Levels – Build a Flight Levels 3 system based on your company context
  • Successful strategy execution at all levels – Understand how your strategy scales down through the organisation and improve its execution
  • Deliver strategy collaboratively – Make strategy execution a team sport, rather than a C-level dream
  • Be ready to take-off. Start with Flight Levels 3 System immediately and define what’s next for you
For more information visit our Flight Levels 3 Design (FL3D) page.

Flight Levels System Architecture
Business agility at scale with Flight Levels – Are you in the middle of an Agile Transformation? Or are you planning one in the future? If you’re looking for an alternative approach on how to bring agility to your environment, you have come to the right place. Flight Levels System Architecture will enable you to see your organisation from a different perspective. It will provide you with a systemic approach to improving your organisation in a simple pragmatic and cost-effective way.

The goal of this course is to help you realise how the different Flight Level 1, 2 and 3 Systems are connected and how to improve them. You will also learn how to connect agile islands to improve the value flow in your entire organisation.

A quick summary…

  • Deep dive into Flight Levels System Architecture – Experience what it means when an entire organisation uses Flight Levels
  • Define YOUR Flight Levels – Identify already existing Flight Levels in your organisation and find a way to connect them to enable Enterprise Flow.
  • Define value delivery flow across the entire organisation – Learn how work flows from a strategic idea across all the Flight Level Systems to the customer.
  • Design effective collaboration models – Connect people to talk about the right things at the right time
  • Be ready to take-off. Become the Architect of the Flight Levels Systems at your organisation
For more information visit our Flight Levels System Architecture (FLSA) page.

Scheduled trainings

Flight Levels System Architecture (FLSA)

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