Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Shaping Agile Organisational Culture

Let us just face it: All Agile transformation or scaling initiatives will eventually fail if they are not anchored in organisational culture. Why? Because in the end human beings will always do what makes sense to them!
So why not onboard a cultural change? We can help you.

Competing Values Framework

Cultural Survey and Alignment Workshop

At BetterChange, we recognise that cultivating an agile organisational culture is not a predetermined outcome, akin to the construction of a strategy. Just as civilisations evolve, so too must cultures, and our approach is rooted in facilitating this evolution through sensemaking, role-modelling, and creating optimal conditions for change. While we cannot enforce cultural shifts, our methodology offers a structured pathway towards fostering movement towards an agile culture, contingent upon ownership and discipline.

Our method for shaping culture encompasses the following key steps:

  1. Assessment and Consensus on Current Culture: We initiate the process by evaluating and aligning on the existing cultural landscape within your organisation.
  2. Articulation of Desired Future Culture: Through collaborative exploration, we define and align on the envisioned future culture that aligns with your agile aspirations.
  3. Clarification of Impacts: We delve into understanding the implications of cultural changes, identifying what shifts will entail and what they will not.
  4. Narrative Development: Crafting illustrative stories that encapsulate the essence of the desired culture, providing tangible examples for guidance.
  5. Experiment Design: We work together to formulate experiments aimed at driving the desired cultural change, identifying actionable steps towards realising the envisioned culture.
  6. Implementation, Monitoring, and Iteration: Executing the experiments, tracking their progress, and iteratively refining approaches based on insights gained.

To commence this journey, we begin with a cultural survey utilising the Competing Values Framework, a widely acknowledged standard for assessing and visualising organisational culture. This online survey engages relevant members of your organisation, eliciting their perspectives on both the current state of the organisational culture and their aspirations for its future trajectory.

Following the survey, we convene a two-day workshop, commencing with a gathering of up to 30 participants who have actively participated in the survey. The initial day is dedicated to establishing a shared understanding of organisational culture, contextualising the survey results, and progressing through steps 1 to 4 of our approach. By the day’s end, participants gain clarity on the disparity between the current and desired cultures, alongside the development of illustrative stories exemplifying behaviours and practices aligned with the desired future culture.

On the subsequent workshop day, your leadership team collaborates with our coaches to utilise the insights gleaned from day one to formulate actionable initiatives as experiments. These initiatives are meticulously prioritised and structured into an adaptable execution framework, enabling continuous implementation, evaluation, and refinement.

It’s important to note that our implementation strategy is iterative and dynamic, eschewing rigid implementation plans in favour of ongoing experimentation. Failure is embraced as an opportunity for learning, fostering a culture of resilience and adaptability essential for sustained transformation. Post-workshop, we advocate for ongoing coaching support to guide your transformation team through bi-weekly cycles of initiation, execution, evaluation, and iteration, ensuring sustained momentum towards your agile cultural aspirations.

Exected Outcome

The expected outcome of our Cultural Survey and Alignment Workshop is a strengthened sense of clarity and alignment regarding the desired future culture within your organisation. Specifically, participants can anticipate:

  1. Enhanced Sensemaking: A deeper understanding of the disparity between the current and desired organisational cultures, fostering clarity and alignment among stakeholders.
  2. Illustrative Stories: Tangible examples of behaviours and practices emblematic of the desired future culture, serving as guiding principles for cultural evolution.
  3. Actionable Initiatives: Formulated experiments designed to drive cultural change, prioritised and structured for implementation, evaluation, and iterative refinement.
  4. Adaptive Implementation Framework: An adaptable execution system enabling the continuous implementation, evaluation, and evolution of cultural initiatives, fostering resilience and adaptability within your organisation.

Overall, the workshop aims to catalyse a cultural transformation journey grounded in shared vision, actionable strategies, and ongoing learning, propelling your organisation towards an agile and resilient future.

Intended audience

For the survey of organisational culture: 100 to 300 employees.

For the first workshop day: Your leadership team and additional informal leaders (up to 30 participants)

For the second workshop day: Your 5 to 10 person leadership team.


Available for both virtual and in-person settings.


Participation in a 25 min survey of organisational culture plus a two-day workshop.

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