Laerdal Case Study

With its strong mission to help save lives and an ambitious goal of helping save one million lives every year by 2030, Laerdal Medical is home to the highly successful Learning Materials team. This team has secured meaningful partnerships with influential organisations and leaders in the healthcare and first aid industries. The team’s success is conspicuous, as it is based on their unfaltering ability to meet and surpass the expectations of their external partners. This includes understanding the needs of their partners, formulating efficient approaches tailored to each project to ensure they are met punctually, and delivering high-quality outcomes on time without fail.

Furthermore, the team at Laerdal Medical fosters excellent relationships with their partners by staying informed about partner changes in objectives or regulations that might affect the progress of projects. These attributes are integral for any productive collaboration between parties – something which the Learning Materials team at Laerdal Medical demonstrate exceptionally well with their consistent track record of success. Not only can these collaborative successes reflect positively on Laerdal Medical’s business, but more importantly contribute to life-saving innovations and effective patient care.

The success of the Learning Materials team has been nothing short of staggering – they have consistently delivered projects of high quality and high impact. While this has undoubtedly been an impressive feat, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks; namely, a rising concern that the team is overcommitting and taking on too much work in parallel. With deadlines looming and large projects already underway, early warning signs point to unsustainable practices that could lead to long-term problems for the team. Already, some members have reported feeling overwhelmed by their workloads; stress levels are high and the amount of work required often seems unmanageable. It’s clear that urgent steps must be taken to ensure that the team can continue to deliver value in a sustainable way over the long-haul.

Better Change brought engaging and empowering training to the Learning Materials team, helping them to recognize and realise ways of improving their working processes. Through this tailored coaching and training session, the team was able to gain awareness of counterproductive habits and cultivate methods for better organisation of tasks and more enjoyable work days. Explicitly addressing stakeholder expectations and concerns, the workshops provided a refreshing outlook on current practices.

The experiential learning that was presented allowed everyone in the team to both identify improvements as well as develop strategies for proper implementation. As a result of these conscious and structured efforts, every member experienced improved results through increased decision-making abilities combined with effective execution. This highly successful approach by Better Change enabled the Learning Materials team to achieve higher levels of productivity, satisfaction and job fulfilment.