Streamlining digital delivery to drive effective care.

Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is the largest and one of the most prestigious university medical centres in the Netherlands. It is at the forefront of research, education, and patient care stands as a beacon of medical excellence and innovation in the heart of Europe. With a commitment to improving healthcare worldwide, Erasmus MC combines cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking research to offer the best in diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care. Its facilities are a hub for specialists dedicated to tackling complex medical challenges and advancing public health. Erasmus MC not only shapes the future of medicine but also serves as a vital pillar in the global health community, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.

Our consultancy played a pivotal role in a transformative initiative at Erasmus MC, spearheading the development of an innovative decision support system that synergised insights from various medical specialties. We led a revolution in the software development and delivery process by introducing efficient workflows and discarding outdated procedures, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. This effort not only streamlined healthcare operations but also established new benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of care. Additionally, we provided strategic advice to Erasmus MC during the tender process for a new hospital information system. Our primary contribution was foundational, setting the stage for a more interconnected and forward-thinking healthcare environment.

Over the past decades, many organisations have recognised the value of Agile methodologies in response to increasing competition and market complexity. Several frameworks have been developed to optimise team performance and coordination, often accompanied by certification programs to document skills and abilities. While these frameworks are helpful, they have also led to a misconception that Agile can be purchased and implemented as a one-size-fits-all solution. At Better Change, we firmly believe that Agile cannot be bought; instead, it must be cultivated within an organisation. A true Agile transformation requires a strong desire to achieve specific goals and a wholehearted commitment to the journey. Read more about the Better Change transformation approach