Constant improvement is the key to team excellence

Improvements through retrospectives

Let us facilitate your retrospectives. We help your teams to form a culture of continuous improvements by facilitating state of the art retrospectives. Through our guidance they will discover what their challenges really are, they will explore options for improvements and chose and implement the best possible solution. We do this while forming an environment of optimism and psychological safety.

Agile retrospective

What are Agile Retrospectives?

Agile Retrospectives are structured processes that enables Agile teams to reflect on their recent work, identify areas for improvement, and plan actionable steps for continuous enhancement. Retrospectives focuses on collaboration, shared understanding, and improving the way work is done.

Why Choose an External Facilitator for Retrospectives?

Engaging an external facilitator for retrospectives offers distinct advantages in ensuring the effectiveness of these sessions. As your service provider, we bring impartial guidance and expertise to the table, fostering an environment where team members can freely express their opinions and ideas. This impartiality encourages open dialogue and facilitates a more inclusive atmosphere, particularly beneficial for teams with diverse personalities and communication styles.

One essential aspect of engaging an external facilitator is their ability to ensure that everyone in the team has the opportunity to contribute. This means that the facilitator can balance the participation of both extroverted and introverted team members, fostering an environment where all voices are heard and valued. While this may present challenges for internal or novice facilitators, it is routine for experienced external facilitators like ours.

Cultivating Shared Understanding

Agile retrospective facilitation aims to cultivate shared understanding among team members. By guiding the team through structured discussions and activities, the facilitator helps uncover insights, identify patterns, and foster constructive dialogue. This collaborative approach replaces traditional, siloed retrospective practices with a unified effort towards continuous improvement.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

In the Agile context, retrospectives are the engine driving continuous improvement. Through facilitated retrospectives, teams can delve deeper into their processes, communication dynamics, and teamwork effectiveness. The facilitator ensures that discussions remain focused on actionable outcomes, enabling teams to implement tangible changes in subsequent iterations.

Exected Outcome

  • A shared understanding of current challenges, successes, and areas for improvement
  • Actionable insights and improvement initiatives agreed upon by the team
  • Enhanced team cohesion and alignment towards creating value for customers, users and the organisation

Intended audience

Agile teams, including Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and team members.


Virtual or In-Person facilitation sessions tailored to team preferences and needs.


Typically spanning 2-4 hours to accommodate thorough reflection and planning, with flexibility based on team size and complexity.

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