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Our Coach the Coach program is build up by trainings of two to three days length. You get certified after completing each of the trainings because each of them are in fact ICAgile approved classes. By this you can chose your own path at your own pace.

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Why enlist in our Coach the Coach program?

Are you aware that as per the findings of the State of Agile Coaching Report 2021, a mere 86% of those identifying themselves as agile coaches hold a formal agile certification? Moreover, within this 86%, a meagre 19% possess a certification at the master level. This stark reality implies that perhaps only one in five agile coaches truly exhibit proficiency in the realm of agile coaching. Why not take the initiative to distinguish yourself in the competitive market?

Here at Better Change, we stand at the vanguard of nurturing agile coaches. Our legacy of providing agile coaching training traces back to as early as 2008. We can also claim the distinction of being amongst the pioneers to incorporate professional systemic coaching as the cornerstone for pragmatic and invaluable agile coaching.

Our trainers occupy the zenith of excellence, boasting credentials from esteemed coaching federations like ICF and EMCC or they have undergone rigorous scrutiny, having attained the distinction of being Certified Team Coaches or Certified Enterprise Coaches under the aegis of the Scrum Alliance. It is noteworthy, however, that we have opted to offer our coaching programme under the auspices of ICAgile, given its neutrality in framework – after all, valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools is paramount, is it not?

Embarking on one of our coaching and facilitation training courses guarantees the endorsement of ICAgile assessors for both our training programmes and trainers. In essence, you are shielded from the potential risks associated with subpar quality that might arise from proprietary certified offerings.

Here are the trainings in our Coach the Coach program:

Agile Team Facilitator


Enrich your skills as an Agile facilitator through our Agile Team Facilitation training. Master the art of orchestrating Agile framework workshops and events, while upholding impartiality and integrity. Attain proficiency in purpose definition, group dynamics, session flow, collaborative conversations, graphical facilitation, and more.

Agile Coaching


Join our Agile Coaching training to embrace the role of an Agile coach using systemic coaching tools. Explore diverse coaching stances and how to navigate them effectively. Benefit from insights into coaching conversations, team dynamics, organisational challenges, change management, teaching methods, observation, feedback, and personal growth as an Agile Coach.

You sign up for the trainings individually but we of course give you a discount for the following trainings once you have signed up for the first one.

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We do both classroom and online trainings and guarantee a learning experience adapted to the needs of the course participants (and we don’t use PowerPoint).