A fresh start
for your Agile Team

Agile Reboot Workshop

Agile falling short? Get back on track fast with our one-day, in-person workshop.

Unlock your team’s potential with our one-day, in-person workshop.

Who is this for?

  1. Organisation and Teams that want to understand whether they are running a healthy agile process: In this session, we’ll audit your agile practices, process maturity and benchmark your performance against the industry, then give you actionable advise..
  2. Organisations and Teams Feeling Stuck: Already know agile but hit a roadblock? This workshop helps you find your groove again. We’ll tackle the issues that are keeping you from moving ahead.
  3. Organisations and Teams with Mixed Experiences: Are you getting different results? This workshop is a level-setter. It aligns everyone’s understanding and expectations of agile, making your team stronger as a unit.

What you'll Take Away:

  • A unified, clear understanding of agile fundamentals that team members of all experience levels can rally around.
  • A nuanced appreciation for how frameworks like Scrum and The Kanban Method operate, helping you choose the best approach for your team.
  • Leverage past experiences, both good and bad, for a more informed and effective adoption of agile practices moving forward.

Easy to Remember
Our brain-friendly teaching ensures you’ll internalise what you learn.


A basic understanding of the values,
principles and practices of agile

Real-World Focus
Learn how agile can work for your specific team or organization, not just in theory.

Your time is valuable. Our workshop is designed to be an active, engaging day that maximizes your learning.

Expertly Taught
Benefit from our experienced workshop leaders who know the ins and outs of agile

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We won’t just talk theory. We’ll discuss how the ideas behind agile can actually work in your team or company.