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10 advantages of using Sprint Goals

At Better Change, we believe in the power of team collaboration to deliver value in organisations. An important and often overlooked aspects of this is the use of Sprint Goals. They are clear, concise objectives set for each Sprint that provide direction and focus to Scrum teams.

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Mastering Difficult Conversations: A Comprehensive Guide for Leaders

Have you ever been in a situation where a difficult conversation was needed? Me too! Did you like it? Me neither! However, conflicts and the need for difficult conversations are fundamental aspects of leadership – and life in general. Over two decades in management, I’ve navigated numerous tough conversations, from issuing formal warnings to terminating relationships. Each situation significantly impacted those involved, teaching me to align these discussions with my personal values and maintain my integrity. In this article I have gathered some perspectives and advice.

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Scaling Challenges: A CIO’s Perspective

Many CIOs begin ambitious scaling initiatives, aiming to unlock agility and expedite time-to-market. However, the path can be riddled with unexpected hurdles. This article explores common roadblocks and offers guidance

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Despite All the Mishaps: Show Me the Better Option!

Explore the undeniable value of Agile methodologies despite the pitfalls highlighted in our series on Agile mishaps. In this final blog post, I share transformative success stories from my career since 2006, illustrating how Agile remains the best approach for companies aiming to thrive in a globalised and complex world. Discover how a tailored Agile strategy, coupled with the right guidance, can lead to substantial business success and innovation.

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