If you’re looking for high-quality trainings in Agile methods, leadership and coaching, Better Change Academy is the place for you

At Better Change Academy we give you the best trainers, the best material and actual experience with the theory through hands-on exercises

We do both classroom and online trainings and guarantee a learning experience adapted to the needs of the course participants (and we don’t use PowerPoint)

If you want to learn Kanban, Scrum and Agile from the best, look no further

Our trainers have both theoretical and practical experience in the world of Agile and will give you a learning experience adapted to your needs and full of hands-on exercises

When you complete a course with Better Change you are eligible for certification with Scrum Alliance, Kanban University or ICAgile

Agile Leadership

Do you want to be ready to take your team on an Agile Leadership Journey?

An Agile Leadership certification is not just a nice piece of paper 

It is your opportunity to become the leader you want to be and the leader your teams need you to be to become successful

At Better Change Academy you get high-quality training from people with both practical and theoretical experience in Agile approaches

When you complete Better Change’s Agile Leadership Journey you get both CAL-E and CAL-O certification

Leadership in an Agile Context

As an agile leader you must become master in your own house. Anything else does not work!


Are you a future ScrumMaster looking for the best trainers to get your certification?

Better Change Academy’s ScrumMaster and Advanced ScrumMaster courses are meant for those who work with software as well as those who work with physical product development and innovation

We give you a deep understanding on what you do as a ScrumMaster, how to shape team identity and support and foster cross-functional and high-performance teams

You earn Scrum Alliance Certifications as well as 14 PDUs from the PMI and 14 Scrum Education Units from each of our courses


Kanban is not only about managing the flow of work, it is also about transforming your organisation

Many organisations face issues like delays, disruption of plans, slowness to react, overburden of people, poor quality plus, unhappy employees and customers

We provide you with the knowledge and tools for dealing with this 


As a Product Owner you must think of yourself as somebody who runs a business

Learn how you work with stakeholders and developers to bring the right products to market in record time

We provide you insights, share personal experiences and certification


Scaling Scrum

Agile, Scrum and Kanban aren’t just for a single team. When multiple teams need to collaborate in the enterprise, Better Change offers training and workshops in scaling Scrum.


The profession of Agile Coaching is way beyond enforcing a framework

You need to be interested in people, help them unlock their potential and enable them to grow – we provide the tools and competences to do so.

You will be certified as ICAgile Professional Coach upon completion of this training.


Welcome to the best of teaching, training, and learning!

Training from the BACK of the Room (TBR) is a globally acclaimed, interactive, skills-building train-the-trainer class for anyone who is a trainer, teacher, instructor, coach, or facilitator of learning.