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Scaled Agile Framework Training

Enrolling in SAFe training and obtaining professional SAFe certifications are powerful ways to enhance your skills, empower your teams, and infuse agility into your daily operations. Getting started is straightforward: simply attend a course, engage in learning, study diligently, and practice thoroughly. Afterwards, achieve your SAFe certification to mark your progress.

Scheduled public training

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In-house SAFe® training

Do you have 5 or more candidates for a SAFe® training or is the training you are looking for not listed? You may want to consider an in-house training. While there are advantages to attend a public class, for example because you meet and share experience with people from other organisations, there are also a lot of advantages of in-house classes. 

Advantages in-house training

When everyone in your company or department gets the same training, they develop a shared understanding and a common vocabulary.

We can tailor the training to your specific context and discuss real life challenges and concerns from the participants that everyone can relate to.

The training will also be a fun and engaging experience for your teams and staff, effectively serving as a team building experience.

See below the types of SAFe® training we provide. Contact us for more information about our in-house training offering.

Leading SAFe®

For leaders of a Lean-Agile change initiative to develop a Lean-Agile Mindset, and apply the principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). Learn how to lead enterprise transformation that accelerates the flow of value and delivers measurable business outcomes at scale.
Certified SAFe® Agilist

SAFe® for Teams

For Lean-Agile team members to gain experience as an Agile Team member in a SAFe Agile Release Train (ART). Break down features, write user stories, improve team and train processes, and plan and execute Iterations.
Certified SAFe Practitioner

Lean Portfolio Management

This is a two-day interactive course that includes an additional one-day Getting Started with LPM workshop. In this course, attendees gain the practical tools and techniques necessary to implement the Lean Portfolio Management functions of Strategy and Investment Funding, Agile Portfolio Operations, and Lean Governance.
Certified SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager

SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

For SAFe® Scrum Masters or equivalent responsible for program execution. Learn scalable engineering, DevOps practices, and facilitate cross-team interactions in support of program execution and relentless improvement in an enterprise environment.
Certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master


For Lean-Agile team members to gain experience as an Agile Team member in a SAFe Agile Release Train (ART). Break down features, write user stories, improve team and train processes, and plan and execute Iterations. SAFe PO/PMs enable product development flow, drive ART execution, and operate in the enterprise to drive the continuous delivery of value.
Certified SAFe® PO / PM

SAFe® Release Train Engineer

For SAFe Release Train Engineers (RTEs) to enhance their knowledge and skills as a servant leader and coach, effectively plan and execute a PI Planning event, foster relentless improvement in their enterprise, and continue their learning journey.
Certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer

SAFe® Scrum Master

For Scrum Masters learning about their role in a SAFe enterprise context. Learn to facilitate Team and ART Level events for successful agile execution, explore Scrum in the context of the entire enterprise, and become a servant leader and coach.
Certified SAFe® Scrum Master

Agile Product Management

Define a vision, strategy, and roadmap to tap into new markets. Get fast feedback and deliver exceptional products and solutions that delight while aligning with your organization’s strategy, portfolio, evolving architecture, and solution intent.
Certified SAFe® Agile Product Manager

Scheduled public training

All SAFe Courses

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