Certified Scrum Product Owner

10.500,00 kr.

March 16. and 17. 2022

April 16. and 17. 2022

May 26. and 27. 2022

Later dates

What you'll learn

As a Product Owner you are responsible for maximising value

In our Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course you will learn all it takes to be a great Product Owner. We will teach you all the theory, tools and practices you need and doing that, we will share our personal experiences from years of practicing Product Ownership.
Whether you work with software or physical product development our Scrum courses are designed to support you in working smarter – and becoming smarter.
We put a lot of effort into making sure the teaching is being related to the participants’ application of agile principles in their own organisation.
We don’t put a lot of effort into making fancy PowerPoint decks. In fact we don’t use PowerPoint at all.

Course outline

Fundamentals of the Product Owner role, working with stakeholders and multiple teams.

Establish and communicate a product vison, forecasting, planning product releases with releasable product increments.

How discovery and validation contribute to successful products. Techniques to prioritise conflicting needs. How to connect developers with users.

How Scrum supports validating product assumptions.

Outcome vs output and how it relates to value. Understanding value from different perspectives. Creating and refining backlog items.