Agile Leadership Journey with CAL-E and CAL-O certification

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March 16. and 17. 2022

April 16. and 17. 2022

May 26. and 27. 2022

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What you'll learn

Learn Agile Leadership through exercises and personal reflections

To be successful in leading a company on its Agile journey you must understand the dynamics and culture in the organisation and you must be able to see the possibilities for shaping the culture to support Agile.
Agile leadership is a fundamentally different way of leading an organisation and to be successful you both need to believe and act in a truly agile manner.
We are – in all modesty – a team of the world’s best Agile Leadership coaches and trainers, and we have been refining our course content and facilitation over many years to make sure you get world-class learning experience.
We haven’t spent a lot of time learning all the tricks in MS Office, so don’t expect any fancy slide decks. Sorry!

Course outline

Economic factors driving agile approaches. Complexity and uncertainty. Management trends. Customer deligthment and employee engagement. Benefits of becomming a more effective agile leader.

Agile values and principles. High performing teams. Common agile frameworks. Benefits of agile approachoes seen from different stakeholder groups.

Mindset shitfs to lead in an agile context. Incoorporating feedback to improve your ability to inspect and adapt your own leadership behavior. Techniques to be present, aware and engaged in your leadership. Integrate altenative perspectives, engage others and improve outcomes with a coaching approach to leadership.

Challenges for agile approacehs beyond a single team. Patterns for increatsin trust and collaboration between multiple teams. Factors that influence the culture of the organisation and how the culture relates to the agility of the organisation. Structures and governance that enhance agility.

The agile organisation as a constantly changing human system. Change management approaches and their alignment with organisational agility. Identify and reduce bottlenecks and friction in an organisation.