Agile Coaching

10.500,00 kr.

March 16. and 17. 2022

April 16. and 17. 2022

May 26. and 27. 2022

Later dates

What you'll learn

In our coaching training the participants will learn about being an Agile coach using systemic coaching tools and techniques. They will learn about the various stances in Agile coaching (coaching, teaching, mentoring and advising), how to act within each of those stances and how to decide which stance to apply.

The training is four virtual sessions. We expect that you as a participant have an experience level equal to a practicing ScrumMaster or team facilitator.

Course outline

Agile values and principles. Being an Agile role model. Self-awareness, coaching stances.

Using curiosity, keywords, active listening and powerfull questions in structured coaching conversations. Working with plausibilities, self-awareness and self-management to grow as a coach.

Change models and human change. How to support change that lasts.

The power of empirical process control and how it differs from other types of process control.

From individuals to teams, from working group to high performance teams.

Learning that sticks. Learning cycles and training from the back of the room.

Non violent communication, how conflicts escalate. Conflict dimensions.