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Kanban System Improvement (KMP 2)

It’s time to level up your Kanban systems and give them a well-deserved boost! Onwards and upwards.

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Are you ready to become a Kanban Management Professional?

This is the second part of the Kanban Management Professional series which completes the full KMP certification. It’s time to take your workflow management skills to the next level with minimal fuss and maximum results. 

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What you get from the Kanban System Improvement (KMP 2) training course

We will take you on a thrilling journey to improve your existing Kanban systems. You’ll learn to manage and optimize those systems using metrics and the power of evolutionary change. Be prepared to banish delays, variability, and bottlenecks from your Kanban systems. We’ll teach you how to spot lower maturity systems and then unleash excellent techniques to improve and mature them further.

The fundamentals of Evolutionary Change: We’ll teach you how to evolve your Kanban systems with fewer fireworks and more smooth operation!

Dealing with Resistance to Change: is pesky resistance getting in the way? No worries! We’ll show you how to tackle resistance humanely.

Feedback Loops and Continuous Learning: Learn how to create very effective feedback loops that’ll make your Kanban system better than ever.

Implementing and Scaling out Kanban: Already have a Kanban system in place? We’ll show you where to go from there!

Balancing Demand and Capability: It’s time to juggle! Learn how to balance the delicate act of meeting demand while not overloading your Kanban system.

Optimising Flow and Predictability: We reveal the magic of optimizing flow and predictability in your Kanban system. Your customers will be delighted!

Take a look at the Kanban Maturity Model and how to utilise it to improve your existing systems.

Become a Kanban Management Professional, an internationally recognised Kanban qualification.

Kanban Management Professional

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Meet the trainers

Russell Hill

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Russell Hill

Accredited Kanban Trainer


Frequently asked questions

All training is conducted using Accelerated Learning techniques and Training from the Back of the Room to ensure you remember all the important stuff? Forget about sleepy lectures – this Training is a fully immersive, interactive learning experience!

Yes. You need to have completed the Kanban System Design (KMP 1) class prior to participation of the KMP 2 class.  Once the KMP 2 class is complete, participants are awarded the Kanban Management Professional certification – an internationally recognised qualification from the Kanban University.

Yes, in the KMP 2 class many case studies are explored and and the comprehensive documentation of the case studies is provided in the follow up material.

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In our Kanban System Design (KMP 1) course you will learn what it takes to effectively manage flow.