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All of us work under the same set of values and principles. We communicate every day. We often meet to learn and develop. We all share the ambition to truly help customer to achieve their goals. We develop and share an extensive shared IP. An IP that is firmly rooted in theory and experience not “copy-paste-coaching”. We collaborate on both large and small engagements and have a large global customer base.

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We help companies make successful organisational transformations and implement change. 

We believe that change isn’t happening because of Agile methodology or digitalisation itself but through the ongoing work with the organisation and the people that make up the organisation. 

If you share our beliefs and have your own company within Agile and change management, we are looking for partners to strengthen our position and presence in the market.

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At Better Change we have a network of coaches we call Fellows. A Fellow is someone who knows what works and why it works through personal practical and theoretical experience.

If you are a freelancer within Agile consulting and management practices and would like to work with creating sustainable and lasting change as part of our Fellow network, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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