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Our business is about your business. Or in other words: It is our effect with the customers that is interesting. See our real world case studies where we have helped companies create, implement and anchor change.

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Beyond Software

We have done Agile in non-software setups for more than a decade. We master Agile in electronics and mechanics.

Agile Transformation

Your organisation is unique and needs special treatment. We have the knowledge, the experiences and the toolbox.

Agile Coaching

Self-organising and high-performing teams who are accountable for their commitment. Our coaches knows how to set up.

Leadership Development

As a leader you set the direction and the conditions. You also need to know when (and when not) to intervene. We help you decide.

Product Discovery

Nothing is worse than spending time on something nobody needs. We help you discover, design and develop.

Scaling Agile

We know the Scaling Agile frameworks and we help you scale with the best possible approach for your unique situation.

Coach the Coach

We build up your internal coaching capabilities as a foundation for continuing the Agile journey.

Scrum Master

Get a Scrum Master for a period of time to help your teams get up to speed while growing internal capabilities.

Agile Reboot

Agile falling short? Get back on track fast with our one-day, in-person workshop, tailored to propel your team forward, regardless of past experiences

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