Coaching Agile Transformations goad way beyond enforcing a framework

Coaching Agile Transformations

You need to be interested in people, help them unlock their potential and enable them to grow - we provide the tools and competences to do so

In our Agile Coaching training the you will learn about being an Agile coach using systemic coaching tools and techniques. You will learn about the various stances in Agile coaching (coaching, teaching, mentoring and advising), how to act within each of those stances and how to decide which stance to apply.

We expect that you as a participant have an experience level equal to a practicing ScrumMaster or team facilitator.

What you get from our Agile Coaching training:

  • The various stances of the Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Systemic Coach
  • Coaching conversation techniques to help people reflect and get to action
  • Deep understanding of team dynamics and how to access and coach your team
  • Organisational dynamics and how do deal with organisational impediments
  • Change management techniques
  • Teaching approaches and techniques
  • Observation techniques and providing feedback 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Your personal growth as an Agile Coach

You will be certified as ICAgile Agile Coaching Professional upon completion of this training, and we of course will provide you with a very nice workbook that gives you tools and insights long time after the training has ended.


This training is part of our Coach the Coach program.

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