Map out AI concepts that support your business in just two days.

AI Discovery Sprint

Companies are seeking to utilize and monetize AI in their current business, but where and how do you start? This is exactly what an “AI Discovery Sprint” solves. An “AI Discovery Sprint” brings business people, product people, and developers together to uncover what AI concepts may transform your operations, products, and services. An “AI Discovery Sprint” will help you find which AI concepts you should focus on and where in your business you should start.

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What is a AI Discovery Sprint?

An AI Discovery Sprint is a focused workshop designed to quickly uncover the potential of artificial intelligence for solving significant challenges, innovating within your business, or enhancing existing products and services. This approach condenses the exploratory phase of AI integration into just a couple of days, offering a fast-track to understanding how AI can be applied effectively in your context.

1: Why an AI Discovery Sprint?

AI Discovery Sprints are essential for teams looking to leverage AI technology without the prolonged timelines typically associated with traditional research and development processes. By bringing together cross-functional teams—including business strategists, product managers, and developers—these sprints facilitate a concentrated effort to align on AI objectives, explore viable AI solutions, and assess their potential impact. This compressed timeline encourages rapid ideation and assessment, significantly reducing the risk and investment needed to explore innovative AI applications.

2: Building a Consensus on AI Opportunities

Unlike standard brainstorming sessions that can often lead to unfocused ideas, AI Discovery Sprints guide participants through structured activities designed to unearth AI’s potential in addressing specific business challenges or opportunities. Through exercises such as identifying AI use cases, envisioning AI-driven products or enhancements, and sketching out AI solution frameworks, teams develop a shared understanding of the most promising AI applications for their needs.

A consensus on AI opportunities is built by clearly articulating business objectives, pinpointing AI technologies that match these goals, and establishing success metrics for the sprint.

3: Focus on AI-Driven Solutions for Real-World Problems

At the heart of the AI Discovery Sprint process is a commitment to solving real-world problems with AI-driven solutions. Participants are prompted to think deeply about the needs of their end-users, the practicality of AI technologies, and how these innovations can solve existing problems or unlock new opportunities. Through rapid prototyping and feedback loops, teams can quickly gauge the feasibility of their AI concepts and adjust their strategies based on user insights and business priorities.

Exected Outcome

  • Identification of AI Opportunities: A comprehensive understanding of how artificial intelligence can address specific challenges or enhance your business offerings.
  • AI Strategy Roadmap: Clear definition of success criteria and actionable steps for integrating AI into your products or services.
  • AI Concept Prototypes: Development of preliminary AI solutions or models that can be further refined and tested.
  • Insights for AI Integration: Feedback and insights on the AI concepts’ feasibility, scalability, and potential impact to inform strategic decisions.

Intended audience

Business strategists, product managers, developers, and other key stakeholders looking to explore and integrate AI technologies into their operations, products, or services.


In-Person workshops tailored to meet the needs and preferences of your team.


Two intensive days, structured to maximize output and insights. The sprint is designed around critical activities including AI opportunity mapping, solution brainstorming, prototype development, and initial feasibility assessment. Each segment is crafted to foster collaboration, rapid ideation, and strategic thinking regarding AI’s role in your business.

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